AdGuard VPN for Chrome Beta
Coming soon: Windows Mac Android iOS
10 Mbit/sec for FREE
20 Locations Worldwide
00 Zero-logging policy
By downloading the program you accept the terms of the License agreement
Topnotch VPN by AdGuard
Your ultimate solution for the safe Internet without restrictions. Must-have when you need uncompromising online privacy protection.
Advanced encryption algorithm
Your browsing history is nobody else’s business. The most advanced and secure encryption algorithm ensures your traffic stays private at all times.
Fastest technology updates
AdGuard VPN team is passionate about security field and knows it inside out. If there’s a new encryption technology, we already know about it and have implemented it.
We work in accordance with the EU law, which is a synonym of a strict zero-logging policy. Which means we do not collect your data.
Trusted Developer
Over these years we won the trust of tens of millions of people, which is reflected in excellent Trustpilot ratings of various AdGuard products for all popular platforms.
24/7 support
Our friendly support team is ready to answer any questions 24/7. Just send us an email and we’ll get back to you in the shortest amount of time possible.
20 Locations Worldwide
From Americas to Australia, from Europe to Asia. 20 servers in 10 countries, with plans to add more soon. All to guarantee the best response times and maximize your convenience.
Developers trust score: 9.5/10
By world’s industry leader
Over 20 Million people chose AdGuard and have stayed with us since. We accumulated a 9.5/10 company rating from over 6’000 reviews for desktop and mobile platforms across multiple products.
Download AdGuard VPN
By downloading the program you accept the terms of the License agreement
How do I install AdGuard VPN?
Visit the download page and click Add to Chrome. Right now you can only use AdGuard VPN with Chrome.
How to enable AdGuard VPN?
Find AdGuard VPN icon in the list of installed browser extensions. On the extension’s Main Activity click Connect. You will need to log in using a valid email address upon the first launch.
How to uninstall AdGuard VPN?
Right-click on the extension’s icon and choose “Remove from Chrome…”. This will disable and remove AdGuard VPN from your PC.
Why is there “Beta” in the name of AdGuard VPN?
Beta means that we will be updating the extension frequently. You still can use AdGuard VPN without any constraints. We would like you to ask questions and share feedback about the app’s performance.