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A few facts you should be aware of:
Japan imposes strict restrictions on copyrighted content: in 2018 its government announced it would block access to a few manga and anime websites. This move was criticised because it ‘violated Article 21 of the Constitution, which states: “No censorship shall be maintained, nor shall the secrecy of any means of communication be violated.”’
Japan has its own regulatory authority for the internet – MIAC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications). MIAC is a government body that, inter alia, regulates access to streaming services and even YouTube videos.
Japan made secret deals with the NSA (National Security Agency) which cannot but cause privacy concerns.
If you travel, work or live there, it’s good to know how to protect your online privacy. The land of the rising sun is the place where ancient traditions meet modern technology. Let’s see what a reliable VPN service can offer to users.

A large number of servers

Many VPN providers boast of the amount of countries where their servers are located. Why exactly?
A large network of servers means a large variety of shared IP addresses which means that a user's online identity is more likely to be hidden safely. And servers in different countries allow the user to choose the country they want to take advantage of. For example, if you live in Japan or somewhere near, Japanese VPN servers will not only help you hide your IP, but also maintain a high connection speed. Using a Japanese VPN server you’ll be able to access content that is not available in any other country – watch anime, manga and other Japanese content you like. And vice versa, servers located in other countries will grant you access to websites and services geo-blocked in Japan.

No logs policy

A decent VPN provider would never keep logs of its users’ online activities. And as Japan is notorious for collecting users’ personal information (search history, download history, purchase history, not to mention personal emails and texts) from ISPs, you’ll want to cover your back. How to stop ISP tracking and prevent them from seeing everything you do online? Use a VPN from a trusted developer. AdGuard VPN is known for its zero-logging policy. Choosing us, you choose quality and reliability.

Advanced encryption

Encryption is the key factor in VPN safety. Every time you choose to save your password when signing in or credit card details for future purchases, mind that this sensitive data is transmitted over the net. If your сonnection is secure (starts with https://), your data is encrypted in the form of bits first and only then transferred. This means that only your computer and the website you’re using can read it. VPNs using advanced encryption algorithms encrypt your traffic safely so that no one else can snoop it. To ensure security, we use AES-128 and AES-256 encryption — the Advanced Encryption Standard with a 128- and 256-bit key sizes correspondingly. Everything above 128 bits is already pretty secure, so supporting both AES-128 and AES-256 makes our service risk-free, and your personal data — perfectly protected.
Summing up, a good VPN will help you dodge government censorship, regulations and surveillance. One click on the ‘Enable’ button and your IP address is changed. Enjoy anonymity and access geo-blocked websites without limitations.

How to connect to a Japanese VPN server in 3 steps

On a computer

Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Install AdGuard VPN for Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.
Step 3. Enable VPN in your browser and choose a server located in Japan. Voila!

On a smartphone

Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Install AdGuard VPN for Android or iOS.
Step 3. Click the Connect button and choose a server located in Japan. Voila!
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Awesome and lovely vpn! Everything works perfect!

A trusted, sare, secure, and one-of-a-kind VPN. Thanks for an amazing app!



Melhor vpn seguro e rápido com tecnologia de alta segurança e velocidade comprometimento garantido na segurança

Просто. Стабильно. Комфортно. Минималистично. Как только узнал о VPN от Adguard - сразу скачал, а спустя время удалил свое предыдущее решение. Всем доволен, жду заявленную прогу для macOS.
ps: подружите расширение с Safari, пожалуйста

Just bought it on Black Friday sale, loving it. Not the fastest but good speeds. Will improve later on & expecting a great windows & mac app. Currently using extensions for firefox & edge.

憑良心說速度真得還不算快,但是憑著 adguard 團隊更新的速度,總有一天可以追上前幾名的業者。


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