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Reasons to get a Korean IP address

Watch South Korean streaming networks

If you try to access South Korea streaming services outside the country you are most likely to be blocked. Websites check your IP to find out where you are before granting the access, and if you don’t have a Korean IP address you will be banned. This problem is known as Geo-Blocking, its primary idea is to limit non-domestic connection in order to protect distribution rights and maximise the revenue. The way to bypass regional restrictions is to connect to VPN and choose the South Korean location. AdGuard VPN offers high-speed connection and increased security of your personal traffic so you can stream SpoTV or Netflix in high quality. Watch your favourite K-Drama and don’t wait for the release. For gamers we also have great news: you can watch League of Legends tournaments live now. Isn’t that nice?

Banking/social accounts – safe access worldwide

You are abroad and need to make some operations in your banking account: send money to your friends/relatives, pay monthly installments or other important bills. Very often you need to have a South Korean IP to make bank transfers. AdGuard VPN offers the solution: connect your device to a VPN server located in South Korea. It will automatically hide your current ISP and show a Korean IP instead. Moreover, no one will be able to track your online activity and spy on you: neither provider nor the government. There are plenty of data-harvesters and internet frauds out there, most of the times when you join public networks – an airport Wi-Fi, for example.

South Korean Superdeal and other discounts

Buy your favourite Korean goods at domestic discount rates! Use a South Korean IP address and join Superdeal or other special offers. It is just one more advantage of South Korean VPN to be able to fool the system and get the maximum benefit. However it has got other major benefits, such as user data protection, enhanced security and premium speed. AdGuard VPN is a powerful app that includes all the features to protect your information and offer you absolutely unlimited online freedom.

How do I get a South Korean IP Address with AdGuard VPN?


Step 1. Visit
Step 2. Install AdGuard VPN browser extension. Chrome or Firefox.
Step 3. Turn on the extension and connect to our South Korean server.

Smartphone or tablet

Step 1. Visit
Step 2. Download AdGuard VPN on your device.
Step 3. Open the app, sign in. Choose the South Korean server in the list of locations, tap on it. Voila.


Does VPN increase online safety?

Yes. When your connection is routed through a VPN tunnel it instantly gets encrypted so no one can track your browsing activity or collect your data. AdGuard VPN No Log Policy also guarantees absolute discretion to every single bit of information that goes through our VPN channel. Your business is only yours.

Does VPN reduce connection speed?

Only sometimes. And not drastically. In fact, connection speed depends on a ping rate. The lower the better. By the way, in AdGuard VPN you can see ping rates right next to the location. Pretty convenient, huh? Also with the pro version you will have an unlimited bandwidth.

Why would I want a different IP Address?

Plenty reasons: to avoid surveillance, browse anonymously or bypass geo-restrictions. Stay safe online whether in or outside South Korea!

Is VPN legal in South Korea?

Yes sure! In South Korea it is completely legal to use VPN. No Korean law prohibits usage of VPN. However if you are abusing VPN to perform illegal activities you still become a subject to prosecution.
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Awesome and lovely vpn! Everything works perfect!

A trusted, sare, secure, and one-of-a-kind VPN. Thanks for an amazing app!



Melhor vpn seguro e rápido com tecnologia de alta segurança e velocidade comprometimento garantido na segurança

Просто. Стабильно. Комфортно. Минималистично. Как только узнал о VPN от Adguard - сразу скачал, а спустя время удалил свое предыдущее решение. Всем доволен, жду заявленную прогу для macOS.
ps: подружите расширение с Safari, пожалуйста

Just bought it on Black Friday sale, loving it. Not the fastest but good speeds. Will improve later on & expecting a great windows & mac app. Currently using extensions for firefox & edge.

憑良心說速度真得還不算快,但是憑著 adguard 團隊更新的速度,總有一天可以追上前幾名的業者。


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