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Below you’ll see all available VPN servers that you can connect to. We are constantly working on adding new locations and updating server location list. Please note that the most remote locations usually take longer to respond.
Australia: Sydney Hong Kong Netherlands: Amsterdam Turkey: Istanbul
Brazil: Sao Paulo India: Bangalor Poland: Warsaw Ukraine: Kyiv
Canada: Toronto Israel: Tel Aviv Singapore United Kingdom: London
Finland: Helsinki Italy: Milan South Africa: Johannesburg USA: Dallas; Los Angeles; New Jersey; Silicon Valley; Atlanta; New York; Seattle; Miami; Chicago
France: Paris Japan: Tokyo South Korea: Seoul Norway: Oslo
Germany: Frankfurt; Berlin Luxembourg Spain: Madrid Switzerland: Zurich
Romania: Bucharest Ireland: Dublin Czech Republic: Prague Austria: Vienna
Denmark: Copenhagen Belgium: Brussels Egypt: Cairo UAE: Dubai
Vietnam: Hanoi Taiwan: Taipei Philippines: Manila

Why is AdGuard VPN your service of choice?

Topnotch VPN by AdGuard

Gain unrestricted access and enjoy the complete online freedom. Indispensable tool, when it comes to solid privacy protection. Change your IP address and bypass geo-blocking.

Fastest technology updates

AdGuard VPN developers team always stays ahead of innovations in online security. We implement all the new technologies the moment they are released.

Trusted developer

Over the years, we have earned the trust of tens of millions of users, which is reflected in excellent Trustpilot ratings of various AdGuard products for all the popular platforms.

Advanced encryption algorithms

Your browsing history is no one else's business. Most advanced and secure encryption algorithms make sure that your traffic remains private all the time, so no one, even your ISP (Internet Service Provider) could monitor your online activity.

No logs policy

According to the EU regulations we follow very strict no logs policy. We do not collect any of your personal data.

24/7 Support

Our support team works without breaks and is ready to assist you in any emerging issue concerning your experience with AdGuard VPN performance. Simply report your problem and we'll be resolving it in no time.


What is VPN and how does it work?

Virtual Private Network or VPN acts as a tunnel, through which all your traffic is routed and encrypted. Simply put, it is a bridge between you and web services, that leaves all intruders and third parties no chance to interfere with your connection and access personal information. In fact, AdGuard VPN is a must-have for an uncompromising online safety.

Will VPN make connection speed slower?

Not necessarily. But you should check the location's ping rate before connecting. AdGuard VPN displays ping so you can choose the fastest server location. The lower is ping the faster is connection.

Is VPN legal?

VPN usage is legal in the absolute majority of countries. So you have nothing to worry about. Of course all our VPN servers are located in countries, where VPN is 100 percent legal.

When should I use a VPN?

We recommend to use VPN when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi in order to protect your mobile device or computer from being attacked. Security measures usually pay off well, when it comes to personal data protection
Total app rating 4.9/5
Reviews 40 Excellent

Awesome and lovely vpn! Everything works perfect!

A trusted, sare, secure, and one-of-a-kind VPN. Thanks for an amazing app!



Melhor vpn seguro e rápido com tecnologia de alta segurança e velocidade comprometimento garantido na segurança

Просто. Стабильно. Комфортно. Минималистично. Как только узнал о VPN от Adguard - сразу скачал, а спустя время удалил свое предыдущее решение. Всем доволен, жду заявленную прогу для macOS.
ps: подружите расширение с Safari, пожалуйста

Just bought it on Black Friday sale, loving it. Not the fastest but good speeds. Will improve later on & expecting a great windows & mac app. Currently using extensions for firefox & edge.

憑良心說速度真得還不算快,但是憑著 adguard 團隊更新的速度,總有一天可以追上前幾名的業者。


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