Browsers with built-in VPNs — the new normal? Microsoft bakes a VPN into Edge and turns it on
Microsoft has bundled a VPN with its Edge browser, and we expect others to follow suit. But can a built-in VPN replace a full-fledged VPN service, and is it a good example to follow? We give our take.
The cost of a ‘free’ VPN: When cheap is expensive
Free VPNs promise to do the same as paid VPNs do: hide your location and protect your privacy. But unlike paid VPNs, they don't ask for anything in return. How is this possible? The answer is in the article.
Are VPNs legal: A complete guide
Using VPN is a great choice for a secure and safe online experience. However, this could cause problems with the law. Find out from our article if VPNs are legal in general and in your country in particular.
Lena Ter-Mikaelyan
VPN vs. proxy server: What’s the difference?
VPN vs. proxy server. How do they work and which one suits you more? Learn the benefits, similarities, and differences of each solution.
Ease into the new school year with AdGuard: up to 80% off
Every year we hold a Back to school promo, and this year is no exception. Until September 4, you can buy any AdGuard license at a 40% discount, and a two-year AdGuard VPN subscription at an 80% discount.
Is DuckDuckGo Safe? A Brief Guide to a Private Internet Browser
Is DuckDuckGo safe to use in 2022? Comparisons with major search engines, features, alternatives, advantages, and disadvantages are covered.
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