Tor Browser vs. VPN: How to make the right choice
Tor Browser vs. VPN. It’s a popular topic for discussion among Internet users. Let’s dive in and find out what to choose for the effective protection of your privacy, security, and anonymity.
Do I need a VPN at home?
It’s necessary to use a VPN in public places while connecting to unreliable Wi-Fi spots, but do I need a VPN at home? The answer is in the article.
Celebrate VPN Day: Get 80% off AdGuard VPN and improve your online privacy
The main goal of International VPN Day, celebrated on August 19, is to raise awareness of online threats and the crucial role VPNs play in protecting users' privacy and security. Celebrate this holiday with AdGuard VPN and get 80% off 2-year subscription.
VPN apps toy with trackers: why it should worry you
VPN apps are supposed to protect your privacy from any third parties. As a rule, the more well-known a VPN is, the more we trust it. Probably it's time to reconsider: we've checked the most popular VPN applications for trackers, and the result is not encouraging. Read the story to find out more.
AdGuard VPN gets blocked in Russia, AdGuard Ad Blocker and AdGuard DNS suffer collateral damage
In Russia, the fight against VPN services has long been ongoing with varying success. On July 27, blocking authorities reached AdGuard VPN. Regrettably, along with AdGuard VPN the entire domain became unavailable for Russian users.
AdGuard VPN v1.3 for Windows: improved tray menu and dark theme
This time we managed to prep a new release version in two months. We needed two betas to test and fine-tune everything. Here's what's good about v1.3.
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