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High performance VPN servers in Austria

Access Austrian VPN servers from any location Mask your IP address and surf the web anonymously Experience the real internet freedom Geographical borders cease to exist for you if you stream with an Austrian IP address

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Install AdGuard VPN Select 'Austria' in the VPN server location drop-down menu The VPN will encrypt your connection, making it safe and secure Traverse the internet anonymously and securely

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What VPN server should I opt for in Austria?

If you need a lightning fast connection, go to the server location drop-down menu in the AdGuard VPN app or extension and select the fastest option with the lowest ping Follow this rule of thumb — the closer the server is to your current whereabouts, the faster it usually works If you want to hide your location, teleport to the location of your choice and nobody will be able to track where you really are If you use a VPN strictly to browse the Internet without leaving a trace, then you can settle for any VPN server location

Main reasons why you might want to use VPN in Austria

After you get yourself a VPN, your Internet service provider (ISP), data brokers, noisy advertisers, and governments will hit a stone wall trying to peek into your online activity Whether you're in Austria or any other country, you'll be able to stream and download your favourite (legal) content in complete privacy If you don't shy away from using public Wi-Fi networks, a VPN is an essential tool that will help to protect your data in case the network is hacked: since you data will be encrypted, offenders won't be able to read it A certain website is unavailable in Austria? With a VPN you will easily be able to connect to blocked services Secure the best online deals while shopping, book hotels, tickets and buy games at a fraction of the cost by sidestepping geo-based pricing

I want to switch my IP address to Austrian. What should I do?

It takes only 3 steps: 1. Download AdGuard VPN for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. Alternatively, you may want to install AdGuard VPN Browser extension for Edge, Firefox or Chrome 2. Click the Connect button in the app to have your VPN running, or enable the VPN in the browser 3. Choose 'Austria' in the server location drop-down menu You're all set!

What distinguishes AdGuard VPN from its competitors?

The proprietary protocol will make your VPN traffic look just like the regular Internet traffic, so that service providers and firewalls will have a serious problem figuring out that you're using a VPN AdGuard VPN allows you to decide where you want your VPN to work. Just add websites to Exclusions — in General mode, VPN won’t run on those websites. In Selective mode, it’s the opposite: VPN will only run on the websites you've added to the Exclusions list The Kill Switch feature keeps your data safe at all times: if your VPN connection drops, your device will be automatically disconnected from the Internet to prevent your data from being exposed We have a strict no-logs policy. We do not store activity logs or connection logs. We respect your privacy

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We guarantee a full refund for 1 year and 2 year VPN subscriptions procured through our website within 30 days of the purchase For refund options for subscriptions purchased elsewhere, please see the refund policy of that particular seller

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In just two clicks, select a city from anywhere in the world — we have 50+ locations — and your data is invisible to the prying eyes of corporations and governments.
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By downloading the program you accept the terms of the License agreement

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Hide your true location and emerge from another place in the world — access any content without speed limits and preserve your web anonymity.
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Get to a different location in one click, hide your IP, and make your web surfing safe and anonymous.
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Protect your privacy, hide your real location, and decide to where you need the VPN and where you don't!
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A virtual private network (VPN) routes your traffic through an encrypted tunnel between your device and an outside network. It keeps your browsing activity shielded from prying eyes, making you virtually anonymous
To a great extent, it will. For example, if you are using public Wi-Fi and hackers intercept your traffic, it will be encrypted and completely useless for them
You can get a free IP address with AdGuard VPN. The functionality, however, will be limited. You can use AdGuard VPN for free on 2 devices at the same time, but the speed and the monthly amount of traffic will be limited. If you want to get unlimited speed and traffic and use your VPN on up to 5 devices simultaneously, you can buy our subscription
Download and install AdGuard VPN for Windows or Mac, Android or iOS, or AdGuard VPN browser extension for any of the major browsers. Enable VPN and select 'Austria' in the drop-down menu
If it were in our power, we would have since long decreed that no country shall ever ban VPNs. But unfortunately, we cannot do so, as well as predict whether VPNs will be targeted at some point in the future. However, we hope it won't be the case with Austria
Yes, maybe, but not necessarily. A lot depends on the VPN server location you choose. If fast Internet is critical to you, then check the ping of the location before connecting to the server. The lower the ping, the faster your Internet
It sure will. The primary goal of any VPN is to ensure your privacy and security by walling off your online activity from Internet service providers, trackers, and governments
There is no shortage of free VPN services. However, keep in mind that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Some free VPNs may share your data with third parties to make a buck. Check the reputation of your VPN before you start using it. AdGuard is trusted by millions of users and you can download AdGuard VPN for free from our website, and pay for a subscription if you want more features
Only if the VPN you use is leaky. As a rule, the government or the internet service provider should not be able to track your VPN
Yes, using a VPN is legal in Austria as in most of the countries. However, we advise you to monitor local laws in case the situation changes
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