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High-speed VPN servers in Ukraine

Access Ukrainian VPN servers from any location Mask your IP address and surf the web anonymously Make no compromises with regards to your internet freedom Access your favourite content with an Ukrainian IP address even when miles away from home

44 countries 50+ locations Unlimited speed

Switch your IP address to Ukrainian in an instant

Download AdGuard VPN Tap 'Ukraine' in the VPN server location drop-down menu The VPN will encrypt your connection, making it safe and secure Cover long distances in a split second and browse the web risk-free

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Which VPN server to choose while in Ukraine?

If you main concern is how fast your internet will work, then select the fastest VPN server location in the VPN app or extension It is usually safe to assume that the fastest server is the closest one to where you are If you are looking for the best VPN server to hide your location, then you can choose from 40+ countries and 50+ locations once you get the AdGuard VPN subscription If you need a server that would simply protect your anonymity, then any server will be a match for you

Reasons to get VPN in Ukraine

Once you arm yourself with a VPN, advertisers, data brokers, governments, and even your Internet service provider (ISP) will remain in the dark about your browsing activity Binge-watch your favourite shows and download (legal) content using a VPN in Ukraine, while your real IP address remains hidden Protect yourself from hackers when using a public Wi-Fi network. A VPN will encrypt your traffic, making your private information unreadable Connect to VPN servers to access your favourite websites even from abroad Save on flights, hotels and online shopping by avoiding location-based pricing with the help of a VPN

Is AdGuard VPN in Ukraine available for free?

AdGuard will give you 3 GB of free traffic every month if you decide to install our VPN. This traffic can be used to roam the Internet through some of our VPN locations, including in Ukraine. If you haven't decided which VPN to install yet, we recommend that you go for AdGuard VPN

How to change an IP address to Ukrainian?

It won't take you long: 1. Download AdGuard VPN app for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS or install AdGuard VPN Browser extension for Edge, Firefox and Chrome 2. Enable the VPN for browser or click the Connect button to activate it in the app 3. Open the server location drop-down menu and select 'Ukraine' there You're ready to get started!

What are the advantages of AdGuard VPN?

Thanks to our proprietary protocol your VPN traffic will not raise any flags with Internet service providers and firewalls, as it appears to them just like regular traffic You and only you choose where your VPN works. You can exclude any sites from the VPN tunnel, or vice versa, use AdGuard VPN only for selected domains Thanks to the Kill Switch feature you can rest assured that even if your VPN connection drops for any reason, your data will not be compromised: once the VPN connection fails, your device will be unplugged from the internet We have always been very serious about all things privacy, which is why we do not store your logs in accordance with our strict no-logs policy. We care about your privacy and honor your trust

Try AdGuard VPN without risk with a 30-day refund guarantee

We give you a full refund for 1 year and 2 year VPN subscriptions bought through our website within 30 days of the purchase For refund options for subscriptions purchased elsewhere, please see the refund policy of that particular seller

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Use any browser or app and never worry about your anonymity again. The entire world is at your fingertips with AdGuard VPN.
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AdGuard VPN
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In just two clicks, select a city from anywhere in the world — we have 50+ locations — and your data is invisible to the prying eyes of corporations and governments.
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AdGuard VPN
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Boost your online protection by taking it with you wherever you go. Use AdGuard VPN to enjoy your favorite movies and shows!
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Remain anonymous wherever you go with AdGuard VPN! Dozens of locations, fast and reliable connection — all in your pocket.
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By downloading the program you accept the terms of the License agreement

AdGuard VPN
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Hide your true location and emerge from another place in the world — access any content without speed limits and preserve your web anonymity.
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AdGuard VPN
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Get to a different location in one click, hide your IP, and make your web surfing safe and anonymous.
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AdGuard VPN
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Protect your privacy, hide your real location, and decide to where you need the VPN and where you don't!
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A virtual private network (VPN) encrypts your traffic and tunnels it through a server of your choice. It stops third parties, such as trackers, governments and Internet service providers (ISPs), from spying on you, keeping your browsing habits in secret
Largely, yes. If you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, your traffic is vulnerable to interception. But since your data is encrypted, it's impossible for attackers to read it
You can get a free IP address with AdGuard VPN. There are certain limitations if you use it in free mode with caps on speed, traffic, number of servers and devices. If you want to have unlimited VPN access, we advise you to check out our refundable subscription plans
You can choose an Ukrainian VPN in the location server drop-down menu once you have downloaded and installed either the AdGuard VPN app for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, or Browser extension for Edge, Firefox and Chrome
We cannot speak for the government of Ukraine. But we sincerely hope users will still be able to resort to VPNs to protect their privacy and anonymity in the years to come
Yes, your Internet connection might become a bit slower, but it not necessarily will be the case. You might not even notice the difference, because it is usually negligible. You may also want to check the location's ping before connecting to the server. The lower it is, the better
It sure will. The primary goal of any VPN is to ensure your privacy and security by walling off your online activity from Internet service providers, trackers, and governments
When it comes to free VPNs, there are dozens of easily downloadable apps. However, we do not recommend you use a free VPN since some of them are notorious for sharing data with third parties. We at AdGuard put emphasis on user privacy. You can download AdGuard VPN for free from our website, and pay for premium features
Only if the VPN you use is leaky. As a rule, the government or the internet service provider should not be able to track your VPN
Yes, it's legal to use a VPN in Ukraine. Nevertheless we advise you to be in the know of local laws, especially, when traveling
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