Best VPN servers in Finland

Connect to Finnish VPN servers no matter where you are at Disguise your IP address and sail through the web anonymously Make no compromises with regards to your internet freedom Your geographical location won't matter if you stream with a Finnish IP address

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Change your IP address to Finnish quickly

1. Download AdGuard VPN 2. Tap 'Finland' in the VPN server location drop-down menu 3. The VPN will do its magic by sending your traffic through an encrypted tunnel 4. Protect your online privacy from trackers and other third parties

Here’s what happens when you use a VPN server in Finland:

An encrypted channel connects you to a VPN server in Finland and your internet traffic moves through this channel to the Finnish VPN server. This makes it impossible for your ISP, public Wi-Fi networks, and law enforcement in your country of residence to access the content of your traffic and the websites you explore. To anyone on the Web, the source of your traffic is a VPN server in Finland. You appear to be in Finland to external websites, such as streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney Plus) or YouTube. A VPN server in Finland gets traffic addressed to you and then delivers it to you through an encrypted channel, escaping any tracking devices.

Here’s what you need to know about what happens when you use a foreign VPN server from Finland:

An encrypted channel connects you to a server in another country and your Internet traffic passes through this channel. This means that your ISP, public Wi-Fi networks, and any potential censorship tools in Finland cannot view or intrude into your traffic. Websites and streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, Disney Plus and YouTube see you as being in the country of your VPN server, not in Finland. Inbound traffic reaches you over a secure VPN connection that is encrypted. This protects against potential interference from public Wi-Fi networks, ISPs, and any possible censorship tools in Finland.

Disclaimer: This article is only for informational purposes. It aims to educate you about the technical principles behind a VPN, not to instruct or encourage any illegal activity, such as bypassing censorship and geo-blocking or breaking the laws of your country. We advise you to check the terms and conditions of your service to see if using a VPN is against them before you use it.

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How do I choose the best VPN server in Finland?

To get the fastest connection, go to the server location drop-down menu in the AdGuard VPN app or extension and select the option with the lowest ping. It is usually safe to assume that the fastest server is the closest one to where you are. If you are looking for the best VPN server to hide your location, then you can choose from 40+ countries and 50+ locations once you get the AdGuard VPN subscription. For more privacy and anonymity, select any server.

Explore our VPN locations

Check out the list of our VPN servers. We regularly add new locations and update the server list. Keep in mind that the further away a server is from you, the longer it usually takes to respond

Why you might need VPN in Finland

A VPN will protect you from threats to your privacy posed by shady data brokers, advertisers, governments and even your own Internet service provider (ISP) — they won't be able to snoop on your online activity. With a VPN, you can access and download (legal) content in Finland or any other location undetected. If you don't shy away from using public Wi-Fi networks, a VPN is an essential tool that will help to protect your data in case the network is hacked: since you data will be encrypted, offenders won't be able to read it. A certain website is unavailable in Finland? With a VPN you will easily be able to connect to blocked services. Avoid location-based pricing and save money when shopping online.

Free VPN in Finland: how can I get it?

With AdGuard VPN, you can use up to 3 GB of traffic per month for free. This traffic can be directed through some of our VPN locations, and Finland is one of them. Don't waste your time and download AdGuard VPN if you need a trusted VPN in Finland

How to set up a Finnish IP address?

It takes only 3 steps: 1. Download an AdGuard VPN app for Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android. You may also install AdGuard VPN Browser Extension for Chrome, Opera, Edge, or Firefox, or configure your router using the credentials from your AdGuard account 2. Activate VPN in the browser or tap the Connect button in the app 3. Find and tap 'Finland' in the server location drop-down menu You're all set!

Why AdGuard VPN?

Thanks to our proprietary protocol your VPN traffic will not raise any flags with Internet service providers and firewalls, as it appears to them just like regular traffic AdGuard VPN allows you to decide where you want your VPN to work. Just add websites to Exclusions — in General mode, VPN won’t run on those websites. In Selective mode, it’s the opposite: VPN will only run on the websites you've added to the Exclusions list Thanks to the Kill Switch feature you can rest assured that even if your VPN connection drops for any reason, your data will not be compromised: once the VPN connection fails, your device will be unplugged from the internet We do not collect your data in accordance with our strict no-logs policy. Your privacy is our priority and not a commodity

Not sure? You'll have 30 days to change your mind

We offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase for 1-year and 2-year VPN subscriptions bought through For refunds on subscriptions bought from other sellers, see the seller's refund policy

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  • A virtual private network (VPN) routes your traffic through an encrypted tunnel between your device and an outside network. It keeps your browsing activity shielded from prying eyes, making you virtually anonymous
  • Yes, your Internet connection might become a bit slower, but it not necessarily will be the case. You might not even notice the difference, because it is usually negligible. You may also want to check the location's ping before connecting to the server. The lower it is, the better
  • To a great extent. Although a VPN is no remedy against social engineering attacks, it can encrypt your data and prevent it from being exposed in a public Wi-Fi network hack. Since your data will be scrambled, the attackers will be powerless to make any use of it
  • A VPN from a trusted service provider is a great investment in your privacy. It will enhance your security and protect your Internet freedom anywhere
  • You can get a free IP address with AdGuard VPN. You can use it in free mode on 2 devices simultaneously. The speed limit will be capped at 20 Mbps, and the amount of traffic at 3 GB per month. If you want to enjoy limitless speed and traffic, and many other benefits, you can pay for premium functionality
  • When it comes to free VPNs, there are dozens of easily downloadable apps. However, we do not recommend you use a free VPN since some of them are notorious for sharing data with third parties. We at AdGuard put emphasis on user privacy. You can download AdGuard VPN for free from our website, and pay for premium features
  • Download and install the AdGuard VPN app for Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac. You may also want to get the AdGuard VPN Browser Extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Opera. Tap 'Finland' in the menu to connect to the server
  • Only if the VPN you use is leaky. As a rule, the government or the internet service provider should not be able to track your VPN
  • We cannot speak for the government of Finland. But we sincerely hope users will still be able to resort to VPNs to protect their privacy and anonymity in the years to come
  • Yes, it's legal to use a VPN in Finland. Nevertheless we advise you to be in the know of local laws, especially, when traveling

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