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Compatibility with AdGuard Ad Blocker

AdGuard VPN has two operating modes: VPN and Integrated.

The VPN mode is enabled by default and uses the AdGuard VPN protocol. It provides the best combination of connection speed and security. However, this operating mode does not allow AdGuard VPN and AdGuard Ad Blocker to work simultaneously.

Integrated mode, in turn, uses the IPsec protocol, which makes it possible for the AdGuard apps to work together.

If you already have AdGuard Ad Blocker when installing AdGuard VPN, this mode will turn on automatically and allow you to use both our apps at the same time.

If you have installed AdGuard VPN first and only then decided to try AdGuard Ad Blocker, follow these steps to use two apps together:

  1. Open AdGuard VPN for iOS and tap the Settings ⚙ icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

  2. Tap GeneralOperating mode.

  3. Switch the mode from VPN to Integrated. Done!


In Integrated mode, Exclusions and DNS server are not available.