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Features overview

What is AdGuard VPN for iOS?

A VPN allows you to create a secure connection to another network on the Internet. It connects a user's computer or mobile device to a server and allows one to browse the net using a "cover" IP address. If the VPN server is located in another country, it will appear as if the Internet connection was established from this country. Learn more about how a VPN works in detail.

AdGuard VPN has several functions:

  • hides your real whereabouts and helps you stay anonymous
  • changes your IP address to protect your data from tracking
  • encrypts your traffic to make it unreachable to scammers
  • lets you configure where to use VPN and where not to (exclusions feature)

The next advantage of AdGuard VPN for iOS is our own VPN protocol. It is extremely difficult to detect compared to other VPN protocols, and it is stable even with a poor Internet connection. You can read more about the AdGuard VPN protocol.

How to use AdGuard VPN for iOS

To use AdGuard VPN for iOS, first you need to log into your AdGuard account. You can sign in directly with your AdGuard account credentials, or via Google, Apple ID, or Facebook (if your AdGuard account was registered using the same email address).

If you don't have an AdGuard account yet, you will have to create it first.

Using AdGuard VPN is quite easy. On the main screen you can see the Connect/Disconnect button and the list of available servers. There servers have their own location (a certain country and a city) and ping indicator. The ping describes the the server's response time (in milliseconds). Choosing the server with a ping of 22 ms means that a data packet sent to this server is returned (received again) after 22 ms. In AdGuard VPN you can choose among over 50 locations in dozens of countries.

Main screen and locations *mobile_border

Lists of exclusions

You can find Exclusions by tapping the middle button below. There you will see two exclusion lists, for General and Selective modes. In General mode, the VPN works for all websites except the excluded ones. Conversely, in Selective mode, the VPN only works for websites from the list. You can add domains (e.g. or subdomains (e.g. * of websites in two ways: you can enter them manually in the app or directly from the browser by sharing the desired pages with AdGuard VPN.

Exclusions *mobile_border

Another useful feature is the import/export of exclusion lists. You can do it by following the next four steps:

  1. Open AdGuard VPN on the device/in the browser from where you want to export your lists of exclusions. Find the appropriate section and click the Export button. The archive will be downloaded.

  2. There are two .txt files inside the archive, one for each of General and Selective lists. Add more exclusions to them, delete the existing ones, rename files (but more on this later), or just leave the archive with files as is.

  3. When transferring between different devices, don't forget to send the .zip file to the device for import. For example, if you import exclusion lists from your iOS device to your Mac, make sure to send the .zip file to your Mac beforehand.

  4. Open AdGuard VPN on the device where you want to import the archive with the ready lists of exclusions. Find the appropriate section, click the Import button and select the archive.

Import/export exclusions *mobile_border

App settings

To reach App settings:

  1. Tap Settings button (⚙) in the bottom right corner of the AdGuard VPN app's main screen
  2. Tap App settings

Here, you can configure AdGuard VPN for iOS as you need using different options: Operating Mode, DNS server, Wi-Fi auto-protection, Color Theme and Advanced Settings.

App Settings *mobile_border

Operating mode

AdGuard VPN for iOS can operate in two modes: General and Integrated.

In General mode, the AdGuard VPN protocol is employed, which provides the best combination of speed and security. In this mode, AdGuard VPN will not be able to work alongside AdGuard Ad Blocker for iOS.

In Integrated mode, AdGuard VPN will be able to work at the same time with AdGuard for iOS ad blocker by using the IPSec protocol instead. This protocol is also secure, but a little slower and easier to detect. You don't need to perform any additional actions to set up the integration: just install both apps and switch to this mode.


In Integrated mode, you can't use the Exclusions feature or choose a DNS server.

DNS server

DNS servers translate a domain name or hostname (e.g., or into something browsers can understand, i.e. IP addresses. AdGuard VPN for iOS offers a choice between several DNS servers, each with their own special qualities. For example, AdGuard DNS removes ads and protects your device from tracking while AdGuard DNS Family Protection combines the functions of AdGuard DNS with Safe search and adult content blocking. DNS servers by different DNS providers may also work faster or slower depending on your location, ISP, and other factors. Choose the one that works best for you. You can find out more about DNS and its characteristics.

DNS server screen *mobile_border

Wi-Fi auto-protection

VPN will automatically turn on when the device connects to a Wi-Fi network.


You can choose system default, dark or light theme of the app (available in iOS 13 and later versions).

Advanced settings

In Advanced settings you can find two sections — Logging level and Diagnostic info. Concerning the first option it is not recommended to enable the Extended logging level unless requested by our support team. Diagnostic info, locally stored technical information about the device and connections (IP address, ID, ping, etc.), can be sent to us in case of any technical problems.

Quick Actions (available in iOS 13 or later)

To access this feature, touch and hold the app icon, then lift your finger. You'll see a list of Quick Actions: Connect/Disconnect to the currently selected server, Choose location to select a new server location. You can also, of course, access all default actions like removing the app or moving the app icon around.

Quick actions *mobile_border


There is a variety of helping features in the app (press the Settings button at the bottom right and then Support): you can see the FAQ section, report a bug, leave feedback, discuss your problems and suggestions in social networks or on GitHub, rate AdGuard VPN for iOS in the App Store and export logs.

Support *mobile_border


If you are using the free version of AdGuard VPN, there will be the fourth tab with an arrow icon on the bottom tab bar. In this section you will find brief information about the main advantages of the paid version of the app and will be able to buy a subscription.

Subscription *mobile_border