AdGuard VPN for Android Privacy Notice

June 11, 2024
This Privacy Notice lists all the information that we, Adguard Software Ltd. (“we”, “us”, or “our”), may collect when you use AdGuard VPN for Android and explains why we do it and how we use this information.
  • We do not collect logs on VPN servers and do not know what websites you visit.
  • We only collect the information necessary for AdGuard VPN for Android to function fully and properly.
  • We do not share or sell your personal information. We are strongly committed to protecting user privacy and being as transparent as possible.
  • You are not required to share your personal data with us. You can delete your information by deleting your AdGuard account or by sending us a request at

What data AdGuard VPN for Android can collect and when

Here we describe all cases when and what data is sent to our server, so you can be sure that we only collect the minimum necessary for the application to work properly. The information we collect about you depends on how you interact with our application.

Signing up

When you create an AdGuard account, the following information is sent to our servers:
  • Email address
  • OAuth provider name: Google/Facebook/Apple (only if it was used for registering the account)
  • OS language
  • App identifier
  • App version
  • Build identifier
Why we need this information:
  • We need your email address to register an AdGuard account and log you in.
  • We use the app identifier to control the simultaneous use of multiple apps.
  • OS language is required to communicate with you in your language.

Logging in

When you login to the application, your email address and the app version are sent to our servers. We need to know this because your email address is the login of your AdGuard VPN account.

Subscribing to the AdGuard VPN newsletter

After you sign up, you will be prompted to subscribe to the emails about AdGuard VPN news and promotions. If you agree, the app will notify the server to add you to the mailing list.

The first launch of the app

When you launch AdGuard VPN for Android for the first time, the following information is sent to our servers:
  • App identifier
  • App version
  • Device OS
  • OS language
Why we need this information:
  • To monitor the number of simultaneous connections
  • To count the number of applications of a certain type and version

Contacting support

You can send messages to support by tapping Report a bug or Request a feature.
When you submit a report, your email address is sent to our servers. The AdGuard VPN support team may use it for follow-up communication about the issue.
The following information is also included in the report:
  • Report type (Bug report or Feature request)
  • Email address
  • Authorization token
  • App identifier
  • App version
If you check the checkbox for Send app logs and system info, a 10 MB zip file with the following information will be sent to our servers:
  • App settings
  • Exclusion lists
  • License info
  • Currently used VPN server location
  • App logs
  • Device model
  • OS version
This detailed information is used by the support team to help solve more complicated problems.

Automatic crash reports

If you enable Send anonymous crash reports, the following data will be collected and stored if the app crashes:
  • Device name and model
  • OS version and kernel build
  • ROOT status
  • Android ID
  • Amounts of total and free RAM
  • Screen orientation
  • Screen resolution and density
  • App name and version
  • Information related to the crash (error message and stack trace)
  • The last lines of the log file
This data will be sent to our servers along with the crash report the next time the app is launched.
We need this information to troubleshoot critical issues. It keeps us aware of new problems not reported by users.
Crash reports are stored only on our servers. We do not use any third-party services to collect and store crash reports. All crash reports are stored for 30 days.
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