Celebrate VPN Day: Get 80% off AdGuard VPN and improve your online privacy

Happy International VPN Day

You may not know this, but today is International VPN Day. It was mainly set up to make as many people as possible learn about the importance of using a VPN and to get an extra layer of protection on the web.

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If you think you have to be a celebrity or a criminal to be relentlessly monitored, you're wrong. Your personal data is constantly being hunted: your ISP, analytics systems, and internet marketers are watching you and tracking your every move online.

Not only VPN allows you to get off the radar of third parties, but also to:

  • Use Wi-Fi safely in public places: cafes, hotels, and airports
  • Access regional content
  • Avoid price discrimination
  • Use the Internet freely and anonymously

If you want to grasp the subject, start with the articles about what a VPN is and how it works.

Celebrate International VPN Day

No real holiday is complete without pleasant surprises. That's why we're giving you an 80% discount on 2-year AdGuard VPN subscriptions. Use it to purchase a new subscription or to renew an existing one.

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Taking care of users, their online security and privacy is one of the principles that sets the course of our work. So, we hope that you will find AdGuard VPN to be a trusty friend!

Stay safe and anonymous online with AdGuard VPN.

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