AdGuard VPN major update for all platforms and extra 10 GB in March and April

Nothing of this caliber has ever happened in AdGuard! Today we release AdGuard VPN updates for all platforms — for macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. 7/7, that makes a bingo!

You probably wonder what's new in all these apps and extensions. Let's see.

What's new

Exclusions 2.0

Firstly, now you can not only add websites to exclusions but also choose among the lists of popular services. The lists are divided into eight categories: Social networks, Messengers, Video and Music streaming services, Games, Shopping, Search engines, and Work communication tools. From now on, any of these services can be added to exclusions in one click! It's especially convenient if you use Selective mode where AdGuard VPN is on only for the domains added to exclusions.

This feature is available on all platforms except iOS.

Exclusions 2.0

Secondly, Exclusions lists can be easily configured. If you've added a domain and some of its subdomains, they'll be grouped inside the root one. Also, when adding a root domain ( its mask is added too (* — previously, one had to enter it manually, not many users knew about it. If you've added a service, changed or removed something and now want to recover initial settings, don't worry: just press Reset to default next to the domain — this action will restore any missing domains and tick all checkboxes.

Reset to default

Full redesign

Both our apps and website have been redesigned. Perhaps, the visual style of the AdGuard VPN website has changed most: a landscape and many vivid illustrations have appeared there. In apps, all the illustrations and the main screen are new too (except AdGuard VPN for Mac and Windows — the design of the desktop apps will be updated soon). But you can already see what the main screen in AdGuard VPN for iOS looks like:

New design of app main screen

Besides the renewed exclusions and design, we have also found and fixed a lot of bugs and flaws, so AdGuard VPN apps and extensions turned more stable and reliable. Of course, there is always room for improvement and we definitely have things to strive for, but such simultaneous product releases cannot but make us feel happy.

Rising prices and new subscription format

Although prices went up a bit, there is an upside — we offer a new two-year subscription plan, the most cost-effective when you compare prices per month.

New prices:
Monthly subsciption — $11,99
Yearly subscription — $3,99 per month ($47.88 total price)
Two-year subscription — $2,99 per month ($71,76 total price)

Note that if you choose a two-year subscription plan, the price per month will be the same as before the price increase.

Auto-protection in AdGuard VPN for Android

The most noticeable change in AdGuard VPN for Android is Auto-protection. With this feature, you don't have to worry anymore whether your connection is secure at the moment. You can enable it for Wi-Fi, mobile networks or both. Depending on the chosen option, AdGuard VPN will turn on automatically when the device connects to cellular or Wi-Fi networks. For further convenience you can add your Wi-Fi network at home and/or work to the trusted ones, so that Auto-protection doesn't cover them.

Note that Auto-protection is not available in the Compatibility mode and in the SOCKS5 mode.

Custom DNS servers in AdGuard VPN for Mac and Windows

Following the footprints of AdGuard VPN for Android, the desktop apps now also feature DNS filtering. You can add custom DNS servers — choose from the broad selection of popular DNS providers such as Cloudflare DNS. Thanks to the new feature, AdGuard VPN users don't have to be limited to a default DNS server provided by their ISP. We suggest that you try various DNS solutions and choose one that suits you best, as each DNS provider has their perks.

Additional 10 GB to all users

The world is going through a difficult time. There are problems with access to various resources in some countries, and we can't stay away. We're giving all AdGuard VPN users, old and new, extra 10 GB in March and April. You'll have 13 GB of VPN traffic instead of three during both months — so that you can browse freely and get more information.

That seems to be it. Hurry up to update AdGuard VPN and see for yourself how different it has become. Hope you'll like it! As usual, we welcome feedback in whatever format convenient for you — share any thoughts in the comments here or on social media. See you!

Lena Ter-Mikaelyan on AdGuard VPN Release Notes
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