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AdGuard VPN beta test

There is an AdGuard VPN app for virtually every major platform out there, and we regularly release updates for all of them. This would not be possible without beta testing and, more importantly, beta testers. Want to become one? Here how you can do it.

How to become a beta tester

To become an AdGuard VPN beta tester, you only need a few things: the desire, the device on which you will install the app, and this link, by following which you will be able to download the latest beta or nightly version of AdGuard VPN!

How to report a bug

Let’s imagine it happened — you spotted a bug. Or maybe you just want to share your suggestion with developers? Let us know: go to GitHub, find a suitable repository, create a new issue there, and describe the bug/feature request in detail.

The above method is the most preferred, but you can use others if necessary:

  • Find us on various social media platforms, like Facebook, Reddit, etc. However, this is not the most efficient way to discuss technical matters.

  • Email our support team from the Support tab in the app or write directly to