AdGuard VPN v2.1 for Android: automatic in-app updates and UX improvements

There's something in common about a trip and the new release of AdGuard VPN for Android. Thorough preparation, making an itinerary, anticipating an exciting adventure, moving towards the final goal – it's all there in both cases. Today we are happy to announce that we have reached the point “AdGuard VPN v2.1 for Android” on our road map!

Automatic in-app updates

With this release has arrived a great feature for those who can't or don't want to use Google Play Store. Now, if Google Play isn't installed on your device, AdGuard VPN will still update automatically by connecting to our own servers. Simply, when it's time to update, AdGuard VPN will notify you!

The new update is available

Another great news: from now on you can download AdGuard VPN for Android from our website. Previously, this feature was implemented only for AdGuard Ad Blocker for Android.

Renewed screens

Our designers and UX writers continue to improve the app and make it more convenient for you. In AdGuard VPN v2.1 we've redesigned the authorization screens, simplifying the logic of actions.

The login screen

We've also updated the License section, which you'll find in Settings (the gear icon on the tab bar). Now it displays more detailed information than before: the subscription type, the mail your account is registered to, the next billing date, and the limit of simultaneously connected devices.

And one more little touch: we've reimagined the subscription purchase screen for users who don't have Play Store installed on their device. Now it will be easier to purchase an AdGuard VPN subscription!

While readying the v2.1 release, we've fixed tons of flaws and minor bugs, including those that had accumulated as we were preparing to launch the previous version of AdGuard VPN. Thanks to these actions, the performance of the app has improved significantly, which we are very happy about.

Please note that AdGuard VPN v2.1 for Android supports devices with OS version 7.0 and higher.

Here we have described the main highlights of AdGuard VPN v2.1 for Android. More information, as always, can be found on GitHub. Update the app, try the new functionality and stay anonymous on the web. And please share your opinions with us on any platform you like.

Anastasiia Fedotova on Release Notes AdGuard VPN for Android
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