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Login, connection, and update

Log in and log out

To log in or create an account, type:

adguardvpn-cli login

Enter the email address and password for your AdGuard account. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll be prompted to create one.


You can also create an AdGuard account on our website and then log in to AdGuard VPN for Linux using your credentials.

To log out of AdGuard VPN, type:

adguardvpn-cli logout

Connect to VPN

For quick connection, type:

adguardvpn-cli connect

AdGuard VPN will connect to the fastest available or the last used location.

To view available locations, type:

adguardvpn-cli list-locations

To connect to a specific location, type:

adguardvpn-cli connect -l <location>

Replace <location> with the city, country, or ISO code of the location you want to connect to.

If required, enter your admin password.

Check for updates

To check for updates, type:

adguardvpn-cli check-update