Linux Beta - AdGuard VPN versions

Version 1.0.2 beta
from June 3, 2024
This Beta contains minor fixes.
Version 1.0 RC 2
from May 30, 2024
The app now runs more smoothly thanks to this minor update, which fixes a number of bugs.
Version 1.0 RC
from May 21, 2024
We’re in the final stages of polishing before the official release. In this update, we’ve resolved the issues related to the SOCKS protocol. Stay tuned for updates — the big release is almost here!



Allow SOCKS listener at non-localhost address #15


VPN CLI doesn't connect when SOCKS port < 1024 #14
Version 1.0 beta 2
from April 23, 2024
We just called to say we love you that a new version of AdGuard VPN CLI v1.0 beta is now available. This time we have made two important changes. You will no longer encounter crashes on processors without AVX instructions and will be able to connect to the location by specifying not only a city, but also a country code. Not bad at all! Don’t hesitate to update.
To update, type adguardvpn-cli update on the command line. To check for updates, type adguardvpn-cli check-update.


AdGuard VPN CLI crashes on CPU that doesn't support AVX instructions #2
Version 1.0 beta 1
from April 11, 2024
The developers were working hard on the new product, it feels as if instead of writing code, they were carrying the Ring to Mordor. But the result is worth it. Now we are ready to present you our completely new product – AdGuard VPN CLI v1.0 beta. What is it and why is it special?

AdGuard VPN CLI for Linux

Our VPN works on all major platforms except Linux. Many users have asked us for it and we wanted to find a way to provide more users with a secure and private Internet. And here we are! AdGuard VPN CLI is our first product that is supported on Linux. So we welcome Linux users to install it and enjoy secure and fast Internet connection. See the setup instructions below.

VPN on your router

To secure all devices connected to the Internet, you can also set up AdGuard VPN CLI to work on your router.

How to set up

You don’t need to be a computer expert to use AdGuard VPN CLI. Since it doesn’t have a user interface, all the settings are done through the terminal. To set it up, just open the terminal and type in the following command to start the installation process:
curl -fSsL | sh -s -- -v
That’s it! Now you can use AdGuard VPN CLI on your computer.
As always, we appreciate your help and feedback. Contact us on GitHub to report any problems. You can also message our support team. Install AdGuard VPN CLI v1.0 beta and experience the enhanced level of privacy – the adventure awaits!
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