Browser extension Release - AdGuard VPN versions

Version 1.2.19
from August 24, 2022
Meet AdGuard VPN Browser extension v1.2.19. It contains minor improvements and bug fixes — we try to get better for you with each release, even if it’s just small steps.
Version 1.2.13
from August 9, 2022
This is a technical update with a few minor improvements and bug fixes.


[Enhancement] Switched two tabs below "Add a website": now "Manually" is located to the left and "From the list" to the right
[Enhancement] Increased the contrast of placeholder texts and buttons for light theme #43
[Fixed] The "Actions" button is missing when searching for exclusions
Version 1.2.4
from July 20, 2022
In this version, we worked a lot on the design and improved the user experience: we made the login and registration process easier and smoother, updated the onboarding screens, and added the subscription information to the "Account" section — now it should be easier to see when the next payment is due. We also fixed a few minor bugs — you can read more about them in the Changelog.


[Enhancement] Updated flow for sign in/sign up
[Enhancement] Add/update Croatian translations [hr] #39
[Enhancement] Added subscription info to the Account tab
[Fixed] In the popup the traffic data is not read properly #21
[Fixed] AdGuard VPN icon missing in browser tab for Firefox #31
[Fixed] Pictures and text are jumpy when we switch between them #32
[Fixed] Domain becomes unchecked after adding another domain to the selective list #33
[Fixed] Clicking again when the actions list was open it closes and opens #34
[Fixed] The word “Hide” is barely visible for both themes #35
[Fixed] No separator in the context menu on Firefox #36
[Fixed] Unnecessary scroll in a popup while adding websites manually #42
[Other] Moved the “Actions” button to the upper right corner of the Exclusions screen
Version 1.1.8
from May 25, 2022
This release v1.1.8 is another minor update of AdGuard VPN Browser Extension. But it's still better with it than without it!
Version 1.1.7
from May 5, 2022
The main highlight of AdGuard VPN Browser extension v1.1.7 is the referral program, which allows you and your friends to get gigabytes of free traffic. How does it work? Let us tell you!
In a nutshell, the essence of the AdGuard VPN referral program is that you send your friend a link, following which they create an AdGuard account. Then, your friend installs AdGuard VPN and logs into the app using AdGuard account credentials. At that moment you both get 1 GB of free traffic!
Now let's elaborate on each step:
Click the AdGuard VPN Browser extension icon. In the upper right corner of the opened window find the green gift icon and press it.
Gift icon
You will be redirected to a page with a unique link. Copy it and send it to your friend.
By following the link, your friend will get to the page where they will be asked to sign up and install AdGuard VPN.
As soon as your friend creates an AdGuard account, installs the app, and logs into it, both you and your friend will have an extra 1 GB of free traffic.
Please note that this program has some limitations: it is available for free users only, and allows you to invite up to 5 friends and to get up to 5 GB in total.
Version 1.0.40
from April 12, 2022
In this minor update we've fixed broken markup and made some small UI fixes so that the extension looks better.


[Fixed] Broken markup in exclusions after adding domains #24
Version 1.0.33
from March 25, 2022
We seem to be perfectionists: we don’t want to leave even small flaws in AdGuard VPN Browser extension. This time, we’ve improved the user interface elements a little bit to make it more convenient for you to use our product.


[Enhancement] 'Support' tab has been reworked
[Enhancement] 'Reset to default' popup has been reworked #23
Version 1.0.29
from March 14, 2022
Meet AdGuard VPN Browser extension v1.0.29! In a nutshell, the extension has been redesigned and the exclusions feature has been enhanced. No bug fixes, only improvements.

Exclusions 2.0

This is definitely a killer feature of this release. The feature itself is not new but the approach to managing exclusions has changed. Now you can not only add websites to exclusions but also choose among the lists of popular services. The lists are divided into eight categories: Social networks, Messengers, Video and Music streaming services, Games, Shopping, Search engines, and Work communication tools. Any of these services can be added to exclusions in one click! It’s especially convenient if you use Selective mode where AdGuard VPN is on only for the domains added to exclusions.


AdGuard VPN Browser extension has changed its appearance. If you used the previous version of the extension, it’s very likely that you’ll be able to tell the difference: a popup now features a fancier ninja and the settings are displayed differently.
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