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Verzió 2.0.1 ekkortól 2022. április 22.
Focusing on big changes can cause minor flaws to be overlooked. That's what happened with AdGuard VPN v2.0 for Android release: while implementing new functionality and design, we missed a couple of minor issues. That's why today we're releasing a scheduled v2.0.1 patch with a few fixed bugs and updated VPN client.


[Enhancement] VPN client updated to v0.9.89 #171
Verzió 2.0 ekkortól 2022. március 15.
Meet the long-awaited release of AdGuard VPN v2.0 for Android! This version is packed with improvements, and the changes are plain to see: Exclusions 2.0, full redesign, a new Auto-protection feature and a few other things that’ll make your interacting with AdGuard VPN even more comfortable.

Exclusions 2.0

Perhaps the most important news: we've updated the Exclusions section. Now you can add not only individual domains to the Exclusions list, but also whole categories (which is especially useful in the Selective mode): Social networks, Streaming services, Work communication tools, and others. Services may often have more than one domain — now they are all gathered in one place. You do not need to manually enter the names of domains, either: now you can select them from a list of suggested domains.

Full redesign

Another update that's hard to miss: we've completely redesigned the app. We’ve added onboarding pages, updated the registration screen and improved the animation and scrolling. And on the Home screen there’s now a handsome ninja, who will be hiding when you’re connected to a VPN and waiting for your commands when the VPN is off.


Besides, we’ve added an Auto-protection feature: now you can specify when AdGuard should automatically connect to a VPN — for example, when using public networks. And you can add Wi-Fi networks at home and work to the list of trusted ones — Auto-protection will be off for them.

Minor improvements

Less noticeable but also important: now you can login with Apple ID. And as always, minor bugs have been fixed.
We hope you’ll like the new and updated AdGuard VPN! And even if you don't — tell us about it! Share your feedback in any format and on any platform you like — we'll read it and get better.
Verzió 1.2.2 ekkortól 2021. szeptember 3.
This version contains minor improvements.
Verzió 1.2 ekkortól 2021. május 21.
Yay, AdGuard VPN v1.2 for Android has been released! The new version features import/export of exclusion lists so that you can transfer them between devices in an instant. Besides, we’ve made choosing a DNS server more user-friendly, updated VPN client and improved the overall app performance.


[Enhancement] Updated VPN client to v0.8.20 #87
[Fixed] Connection is lost on OnePlus #73
[Fixed] VPN stops during restarting #86
[Other] Infinite loop due to pings updates #78
Verzió 1.1.1 ekkortól 2021. március 4.
The new version of AdGuard VPN for Android features an option to share a link from a browser to our app, thus adding a website to exclusions in two clicks. What’s more? We’ve updated translations and our VPN client (now it’s v0.7.21) and IPv4 exclusions. Besides, we added popular Wi-Fi calling servers to the default exclusions list and created a few new dialog boxes.
[Added] You can now add websites to exclusions right from a browser
[Added] Added popular Wi-Fi calling servers to the default exclusions list
[Added] Added a few dialog boxes
[Enhancement] Updated translations
[Enhancement] Update VPN client to 0.7.21 #74
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