iOS Release - AdGuard VPN versions

Version 2.0.4
from June 20, 2022
This release is made just for one purpose: to replace some of the app interface text and wording to make it even clearer to users.
Version 2.0.3
from June 1, 2022
This minor release contains only a few fixes hidden behind the scenes of AdGuard's inner workings. So it has no changelog, but it has results!
Version 2.0.2
from April 14, 2022
Small things to make AdGuard VPN better: we fixed minor bugs and updated the VPN client.
Version 2.0.1
from March 25, 2022
You won’t probably notice any changes in this version. But even small steps matter: we've fixed some bugs and added some minor improvements so that the app is more stable and more efficient. Thank you for your feedback, it helps AdGuard VPN become better.


[Fixed] Update VPN client to v0.9.63 #150
[Fixed| Minor UI fixes
[Other] Updated translations
Version 2.0.0
from March 18, 2022
What can you expect to see in this major update? All-new design, fixed bugs, and optimized app performance. Hope you’ll enjoy the new version and how smooth it works!
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