My VPN connection is slow

The speed of the Internet connection when using a VPN can be associated with various reasons:
Are you using the free tier of AdGuard VPN? If so, are you within your monthly free traffic allotment? The free tier has a speed cap of 20 Mbit/s for the first 3 GB per month: after you exceed this limit, we restrict the connection speed. The premium version of AdGuard VPN has unlimited speed and traffic. You can purchase the subscription on our website.
Check your Internet connection: turn off AdGuard VPN and check your Internet speed. If your connection remains slow without the VPN, then the issue may be with that connection: try to switch between mobile data and Wi-Fi.
If your Internet connection without the VPN is fast, re-enable AdGuard VPN and open our own test. Check speeds of server locations and pick the best one. The number to the right of a server name indicates its latency: the lower the value, the higher is the response speed of the VPN connection.
Go to Settings → Application Settings → DNS server and try a different DNS server. Some DNS servers may slow down your connection due to your location and network conditions.
Are you using the Extended or Extreme logging level? It may slow down your VPN connection. Go to Settings → Application Settings → Advanced Settings → Logging level and select the Default logging level. Enable Extended or Extreme logging only temporarily, at the request of our support team.
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