About us

AdGuard VPN is an expected continuation of the principles we’ve integrated into AdGuard. We started with ad blocking 15 years ago and quickly became experts in online privacy. For a few years, we've been considering developing our own VPN. Are you asking, "Why create another VPN when there are so many offerings out there?" You are right, our VPN isn't one of many. We offer you a VPN that guarantees uncompromised privacy protection and traffic security. Rule Number One in our company is this: we'll never abuse or sell user data.

Who are we?

Adguard Software Limited is a company incorporated on June 1, 2009, and registered at Klimentos 41-43, Klimentos Tower, 1061, Nicosia, Cyprus. It develops AdGuard Ad Blocker, AdGuard VPN, and AdGuard DNS — the products that protect users privacy and security.
We’re developers, QA engineers, content creators, designers, managers, support team, and the product owner – with three founders at the head of the whole business.
One more thing: we have over a decade of experience in Internet security and data privacy.

Our values

Here are the principles that set the course and direction of our work.


Our story began in 2009 when we had the idea to create an ad blocker. We have evolved rapidly, thanks in large part to the support of our users and beta testers. Over the past 15 years, the AdGuard community has grown to over 375M users who trust us with their privacy.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security are always at stake — both for ad blocking and VPN. Our mission is to make the Internet a safer space. Using AdGuard VPN, you can be sure that your traffic is encrypted and never gets into the wrong hands.


It is our core foundation for building trust with our users. We nourish a transparent corporate culture where information is shared openly. We stand by our words — transparency is engrained in our company's policy, the choices we take, and the decisions we make. For example, a lot of our products are open source.

Technology advancement

We are proud to have developed our own VPN encryption protocol. We use advanced and uniquely developed solutions, thanks to which personal data protection and connection speed are sustained at a high-quality level. And we are meticulously upgrading our pool of superfast servers.

Make the Web a safer space

70+ locations worldwide
Ultrafast servers
Advanced encryption
Trusted developer
No-log policy
30-day money-back guarantee


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