About us
AdGuard VPN is a logical extension of what we’ve been working on in AdGuard. We started with ad blocking, became quite successful in this field, and after 10 years came to the decision to develop our own VPN. Why, you might ask, aren't there enough VPN services from different manufacturers? Well, there are many, but we wanted to create a VPN where the user would be guaranteed uncompromised privacy protection and traffic security. This means that we’d never abuse or sell users’ data – it’s rule number one in our company.
Who are we?
We’re developers, QA engineers, content makers, designers, managers, support team and the product owner – with three founders at the head of the whole business.
And we have over a decade of experience in the Internet security industry.
Our values
We’ve formulated the principles that set the course and direction of our work.
Our history began in 2009 when we came up with an idea to create an ad blocker. We have developed rapidly – thanks in large part to the support of our users and beta testers. Over the 11 years, the AdGuard community has expanded, and currently, there are 30 million users who trust us with their privacy.
Privacy and security
It doesn’t matter whether we speak of ad blocking or VPN – privacy and security are always at stake. Our mission is to make the Internet a safer space. Using AdGuard VPN, you can be sure that your traffic will be encrypted and will never get into the wrong hands.
We can't imagine how to build trust with the user without this principle. By transparency, we mean a corporate culture where information is shared openly. And this is not just lofty rhetoric, the principle of transparency is supported by our company's policy and the decisions we make. For example, a lot of our products are open source.
Technical improvement
Not every VPN service can boast of its own encryption protocol, however, we can. We use advanced and uniquely developed solutions, thanks to which personal data protection and connection speed can be sustained at a high-quality level. In addition, we possess a large number of fast servers.
Make the Web a safer space
50 locations worldwide
Ultrafast servers
Advanced encryption
Trusted developer
No logs policy
30-day money-back guarantee
Available for various platforms
AdGuard VPN for Chrome
AdGuard VPN for Firefox
AdGuard VPN for Edge
AdGuard VPN for Android
AdGuard VPN for iOS
Coming soon
AdGuard VPN for Windows
AdGuard VPN for macOS