iOS Release - Versões do AdGuard VPN

Versão 2.0.2 em 14 de abril de 2022
Small things to make AdGuard VPN better: we fixed minor bugs and updated the VPN client.
Versão 2.0.1 em 25 de março de 2022
You won’t probably notice any changes in this version. But even small steps matter: we've fixed some bugs and added some minor improvements so that the app is more stable and more efficient. Thank you for your feedback, it helps AdGuard VPN become better.


[Fixed] Update VPN client to v0.9.63 #150
[Fixed| Minor UI fixes
[Other] Updated translations
Versão 2.0.0 em 18 de março de 2022
What can you expect to see in this major update? All-new design, fixed bugs, and optimized app performance. Hope you’ll enjoy the new version and how smooth it works!
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