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22 Nisan 2022 tarihinden 2.0.1 sürümü
Focusing on big changes can cause minor flaws to be overlooked. That's what happened with AdGuard VPN v2.0 for Android release: while implementing new functionality and design, we missed a couple of minor issues. That's why today we're releasing a scheduled v2.0.1 patch with a few fixed bugs and updated VPN client.


[Enhancement] VPN client updated to v0.9.89 #171
15 Mart 2022 tarihinden 2.0 sürümü
Meet the long-awaited release of AdGuard VPN v2.0 for Android! This version is packed with improvements, and the changes are plain to see: Exclusions 2.0, full redesign, a new Auto-protection feature and a few other things that’ll make your interacting with AdGuard VPN even more comfortable.

Exclusions 2.0

Perhaps the most important news: we've updated the Exclusions section. Now you can add not only individual domains to the Exclusions list, but also whole categories (which is especially useful in the Selective mode): Social networks, Streaming services, Work communication tools, and others. Services may often have more than one domain — now they are all gathered in one place. You do not need to manually enter the names of domains, either: now you can select them from a list of suggested domains.

Full redesign

Another update that's hard to miss: we've completely redesigned the app. We’ve added onboarding pages, updated the registration screen and improved the animation and scrolling. And on the Home screen there’s now a handsome ninja, who will be hiding when you’re connected to a VPN and waiting for your commands when the VPN is off.


Besides, we’ve added an Auto-protection feature: now you can specify when AdGuard should automatically connect to a VPN — for example, when using public networks. And you can add Wi-Fi networks at home and work to the list of trusted ones — Auto-protection will be off for them.

Minor improvements

Less noticeable but also important: now you can login with Apple ID. And as always, minor bugs have been fixed.
We hope you’ll like the new and updated AdGuard VPN! And even if you don't — tell us about it! Share your feedback in any format and on any platform you like — we'll read it and get better.
3 Eylül 2021 tarihinden 1.2.2 sürümü
This version contains minor improvements.
21 Mayıs 2021 tarihinden 1.2 sürümü
Yay, AdGuard VPN v1.2 for Android has been released! The new version features import/export of exclusion lists so that you can transfer them between devices in an instant. Besides, we’ve made choosing a DNS server more user-friendly, updated VPN client and improved the overall app performance.


[Enhancement] Updated VPN client to v0.8.20 #87
[Fixed] Connection is lost on OnePlus #73
[Fixed] VPN stops during restarting #86
[Other] Infinite loop due to pings updates #78
4 Mart 2021 tarihinden 1.1.1 sürümü
The new version of AdGuard VPN for Android features an option to share a link from a browser to our app, thus adding a website to exclusions in two clicks. What’s more? We’ve updated translations and our VPN client (now it’s v0.7.21) and IPv4 exclusions. Besides, we added popular Wi-Fi calling servers to the default exclusions list and created a few new dialog boxes.
[Added] You can now add websites to exclusions right from a browser
[Added] Added popular Wi-Fi calling servers to the default exclusions list
[Added] Added a few dialog boxes
[Enhancement] Updated translations
[Enhancement] Update VPN client to 0.7.21 #74
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