Mac Beta - Verze AdGuard VPN

Breaking into 2022 with great news: the beta version of AdGuard VPN v1.2 for Mac is ready to amaze you! We've added two features that will greatly improve your user experience. We completely reimagined the Exclusions section: now you can add Internet services with all their subdomains to Exclusions lists just in one click! And we’ve also added DNS filtering to AdGuard VPN, and it opens new horizons for your secure browsing.
The other changes are less noticeable but no less important: we fixed some bugs that were preventing you from enjoying AdGuard VPN and updated the VPN client.
[Enhancement] Exclusions 2.0
Exclusions 2.0 — the name itself reflects the extent of the changes that the section came through. Previously you could only add sites to Exclusions by entering their domains manually, but now you can do it in one click.
​​We divided the most popular Internet services into eight categories, such as Shopping, Social Networks, and Streaming Music Services, and added all their subdomains (e.g., * and domain names with different top-level domains (e.g., That way, when you tick the check box beside any service, you add all addresses associated with it to the Exclusions. Convenient, isn’t it? And one more thing to mention here: now it is possible to add third-level domains to Exclusions lists.
[Enhancement] Custom DNS support
Finally, this feature is implemented in AdGuard VPN!
What does it mean for you? From now you needn't rely on a DNS server provided by your ISP by default, you can add a custom DNS server (or servers). We recommend adding AdGuard DNS, which not only encrypts your DNS traffic but also identifies requests to malicious sites and redirects them to a “blackhole”.
The release candidate number 2 includes small, but nonetheless important changes. In this update, the issue of dropped connections has been resolved and compatibility with the main AdGuard application has been improved.
We’re getting ready to release the first official version of AdGuard VPN for macOS! We made a lot of minor improvements to VpnLibs (the AdGuard VPN client), thus, our app has become faster and safer. Also, we added 8 new localizations: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.
[Fixed] Potential Memory Leak #6
[Fixed] Double password confirmation #21
[Other] Localizations have been updated
[Other] Added migration of settings from previous versions
[Other] Added Kill Switch options
The first open beta of AdGuard VPN for Mac is released. It features native support for M1, auto-launch at login and auto-connect when starting the app, and import/export of exclusion lists. Besides, we’ve added the dark theme and fixed the shortcomings of the alpha version.
Note: AdGuard VPN for Mac is currently supported on macOS Catalina and BigSur. Support for earlier versions will be added soon.

Native M1 support

As you may know, some time ago Apple started to sell devices on their architecture with new processors. Older programs wouldn’t run on them, AdGuard included. We adapted our app for new Mac devices, so now everything works everywhere.

Complete functionality in the tray menu

Not only can you manage VPN settings in the appropriate section of the app, but also in the tray menu — and it’s even more convenient. As you can see in the screenshot, you can connect to a server, select another one, disable VPN, open an exclusion list or settings, write to support or quit the app.

Import/export of exclusion lists

Now, we have added the import/export of exclusion lists. Just a reminder: we have two exclusion lists — for Regular and Selective Modes. It means that AdGuard VPN can work either on all websites except those added to exclusions, or only on websites added to exclusions. Now you can transfer ready lists to another device, share them. and delete all exclusion websites at once, if necessary.

Compatibility with AdGuard ad blocker

In this beta, AdGuard VPN and AdGuard for Mac work seamlessly together. It may not seem like such a big deal, but this is an advantage that should not be underestimated.